eCommerce Association of Singapore (ECAS) established in 2015 is a non-profit organisation, which assists new and existing SMEs in Singapore to enhance business growth using online and mobile e-commerce technologies. A go-to platform service that integrate SMEs’ e-commerce demands. An incubator that helps cultivate key initiatives such as AI, robotic technology, financial technology, VR, and virtual currency.

ECAS platform offers an array of tools and utilities for merchants to use, such as the global payment system that possess the ability to conduct marketing and promotional activities and also allows for direct and effective communication with a global consumer base.

Each year, ECAS organizes a spectrum of activities geared towards networking and seminars, to help enrich small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to connect with potential business clients and partners around the world by transforming the world of e-commerce.


  • Improve company’s competitiveness in the e-commerce business
  • Promote Singapore as a regional hub for e-commerce development and drive e-commerce activities globally
  • Collaborate with relevant National and International Organizations on the best practices adopted across the e-commerce sector in Asia
  • To partake in Political and legislative community engagements through qualitative analysis on political and regulatory developments, crucial for overseas enablement

Partner’s Page

ECAS works actively alongside with a wide cross-section of partner organizations in the e-commerce industry to build and create more opportunities.