The pre-paid cash card is more or less the same look like credit cards or debit cards and they offered the same ability to purchase products and services. The difference between pre-paid cash card and debit cards or credit cards is that pre-paid cash card can only spend the balance that was preloaded onto the card.

For example, Touch’n Go provide a standard card Touch ‘n Go cards which fare structure currently available for adult fare for standard class vehicles .

Since there is no credit or overdraft facility, there is no risk of running into debt using pre-paid cash card, especially for those who lack of discipline of the know-how sense to manage their money. Pre-paid cash card is a good way to control yourself and budget for spending.

With a pre-paid cash card, those wih poor credit or too little money to meet bank’s minimum account balance requirement can participate in the retail transaction. Tips for pre-paid cash card user is that before using pre-paid cash card, make sure to know your current balance before you shop, make note of your pre-paid cash card’s account number and custormer service number and keep it in a safe place.

Pre-paid cash card can topping up your mobile phone, paying bills, internet shopping, do it as a replacement for travellers cheques, buying groceries and petrol and even going for travel.