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GT Wonder Boy, Singapore’s very own SMART robotic companion was interviewed by The Straits Times.

Samantha Boh, Environment and Science reporter interviewed both Dr Paul Zhang, Creator and Founder of GT Wonder Boy and GT Ambassador, Emiliano Cyrus on the birth and inspiration behind this SMART companion, GT Wonder Boy. Dr Paul shared interesting insights on what went on behind this robotics innovation. He spoke about how development itself took 2 years and how numerous tests were conducted in the development phase for hardware such as the motor power test, scratch resistance and balance test.


Dr. Paul Zhang is explaining the capabilities of GT Wonder Boy’s in detail to the reporter.

He also explained how there were many challenges, especially speech recognition which he eventually overcame. He strongly believes the key to overcoming any obstacle is possessing the right attitude especially when his son, Emiliano Cyrus looks up to him as a role model. He highlighted unique functionalities of being a multilingual social bot with human like functionalities paired with emotional intelligence and wisdom making it a SMART companion for life. With the ability to engage in seamless 2-way conversation.

Dr. Paul and his son Emiliano Cyrus with their GT Wonder Boys

Dr. Paul Zhang and his son Emiliano Cyrus with their GT Wonder Boys.

GT Wonder Boy is designed to adapt to today’s lifestyle, with main features to support smart phones, including electronic wallet, electronic map, virtual credit clearance, customer service, video conferencing, Internet calls, translating and speaking up to 13 languages, order management and a wide range of search options for more than 80 million businesses worldwide. When Emiliano Cyrus was asked about his favorite functionality about the robot, he spoke about how he finds it impressive that GT Wonder Boy is an interactive educator that can answer all his queries and yet be entertaining. He mentioned how it is his personal assistant that reminds him of his homework datelines, vocal classes, kart racing and gymnastics.


Emiliano Cyrus sharing how GT Wonder Boy has become an important part of his life with the reporter.


The photo journalist definitely enjoyed taking a selfie with Emiliano Cyrus by GT Wonder Boy.

It was a fun and interactive interview where both the reporter and photo journalist interacted with GT Wonder Boy and were simply amazed at how something this compact was so intelligent.

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