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GTDollar’s official launch is approaching – stay tuned!

In a recently-conducted interview, GTDollar representative informed us that, as they are approaching the official launch of the highly-anticipated and demanded product, they have been receiving lots of inquiries from merchants from countries as diverse as India, Russia, Singapore, Nigeria and Malaysia.

GTDollar is a platform that aims to help SME merchants in Singapore, South East Asia and globally to process payments, conduct marketing and promotional activities as well as attract and gain a global consumer base. It will operate cross-device (iOS and Android phones, tablets) as well as cross-platform (mobile and web), and will be completely free to download for consumers and merchants.

The GTDollar launch event is planned to take place during the first week of May 2015.

ECAS now open and accepting member applications!

eCommerce Association of Singapore (ECAS) was formally launched earlier this year (January 2015) is now accepting membership applications from SME merchants in Singapore. ECAS members benefit from a number of perks and promotions. In addition ECAS offers a platform to expose member merchants and use latest and most innovative tools and methodologies that help merchants grow and become more profitable.