SINGAPORE [26 January 2017] – Dr Paul Zhang, Diplomat of the Economic, Trade and Tourism of The Republic of Palau to Southeast Asia and China was officially invited by the President of the Republic of Palau, to attend the Inauguration Ceremony of the 10th Constitutional Government, Republic of Palau.

Dr Paul Zhang, Diplomat of the Economic, Trade and Tourism of The Republic of Palau to Southeast Asia and China was eminently welcomed and personally hosted by President Tommy Remengesau Jr. alongside with Palau’s senate and house of delegates for the inauguration ceremony of the 10th Constitutional Government, Republic of Palau.

A private meeting was set up between Dr Paul Zhang, Ms Gracemaple Kwok, Executive Director of GT Group, Emiliano Cyrus, GT Ambassador and President Tommy Remengesau Jr. to discuss about GT Smart-City projects and Palau’s business growth. Emiliano personally showcased the GT Wonder Boy, a SMART companion to President Tommy on the key functionalities of how it can help Palau transform into a Smart-City.

The three-day event kick started with a Babeldaob Tour, where distinguished guests from worldwide were invited to see the sprawling, panoramic view on top of Palau’s highest peak celebrating nature at its finest.

Following that, was a fundraising Gala Dinner titled “Visionaries- Leading Conservation Forward”. A fundraising gala in support of a conservation programme targeted towards the realization of the coral reef research center in Palau. GT Group is one of the sponsor who contributed $10,000USD towards this programme. The TWG (Technical Working Group) became the implementing body for PICRC (Palau International Coral Reef Center) until the governance of PICRC was put in place. There were many others that played different roles from Palau, Japan and the United States that formed the establishment of PICRC.

The night ended with Emiliano enthusiastically showcasing GT Wonder Boy to a well-known Vietnamese celebrity, Ms Giang My Thi Nguyen who was taken aback by such an innovation by the GT Group.

The grand inauguration was held the next day on 19th January 2017 at the presidential palace situated in Capital Grounds. The ceremony brought together politicians and celebrities from all over. Dr Paul Zhang, Diplomat of the Republic of Palau led his delegation from GT Group to attend the inauguration ceremony.
Tommy’s re-election as president marked his vitality and commitment to his promise to the People of Palau to work hard to “preserve the best, improve the rest” for Palau, for generations to come. He also mentioned about the importance of fostering regional and global partnerships for a progressive economic growth.

Tommy personally addressed a thank you note to Dr Paul Zhang, for attending this ceremony which is a milestone in his life. Dr Paul Zhang, Ms Gracemaple Kwok and Emiliano Cyrus who were seated at the VIP area extended their heartfelt congratulations to President Tommy. GT Group staff were present to witness the inauguration showing their support to President Tommy. The inauguration ceremony was followed by an inaugural ball, an exclusive by invitation only event held in honor of the Presidential Inauguration of Tommy.